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Ben revealed that he and Emily are, in fact, not dating. “This is actually, and I’m not, I’m not just saying it, it’s one of my favorite episodes ever. Kate, who had a past fling with Ben, explained in a confessional interview that she thought that Emily would be a good fit for Ben, since she’s young and skinny, which is just how Ben likes his women.

Once back in the real world, their romance seemed to stall out, although that is understandable since Kirito’s age is only 17 by the end of the Phantom Bullet story arc, although his girlfriend/in-game wife happens to be 18 years old. In any case, Season is likely to be based upon the Alicization/Underworld light novels assuming that Kawahara does not invent a new story for the anime.

This does not seem likely since the fictional story timeline has Mother’s Rosario ending in April of 2026, while the Alicization arc begins in June of the same year. While it wouldn’t be surprising if those stories eventually become animated, it would most likely be released as an OVA, not a full anime season.

As of this publishing, the anime production committee has not announced anything official about the Season 3 may continue this trend.

Based upon this assumption, Kirito and Asuna are in for quite a ride; although, Asuna will be absent in the anime for quite a while based upon in-game time.

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But yeah yeah, we’re just very good friends.” As Ben talked about his relationship with Emily, he repeatedly laughed.