Dating lietuvos

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Dating lietuvos

The participants will try out various classroom activities, such as This project is being developed in order to learn how to successfully organize the teaching/learning process and ensure that every student grows and progresses as an individual.

The project includes subject teachers, class teachers, specialists working with children having special needs and students’ parents.

The presenters will share their ideas on how to transform students from passive learners into more active and participative ones, including differentation of learning materials in mixed-ability classes.

The discussion will focus on text genres covered by the foreign language examination syllabus in Lithuania, namely: letter, paragraph and essay.

The participants will revisit the criterion of register in the assessment of written tasks of the English examination and do a range of activities.

Landet har en befolkning på 2,8 millioner, og dets hovedstad og største by er Vilnius.

På 1300-tallet var Litauen en del av det største landet i Europa, og dagens Hviterussland, Ukraina samt deler av Russland var områder underlagt Polen og Storhertugdømmet Litauen.

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Radęs narius, kurie tau patinka, nieko nelaukdamas rašyk žinutę ir kviesk į pasimatymą.

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