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I also have had this problem with a very large spreadsheet that just stopped updating itself over the weekend, but having checked the above solutions, setting were already set to automatic, and sheet is too big to rebuild, so I was at a loss.

My solution was to find an old version of the same excel spreadsheet which was not having thses issuesbefore I archived it, which is of similar size and complexity to the current version.

Copy the contents of the spreadsheet to a new one, and deleted the old one (it wasn't a particularly important spreadsheet, thankfully), and everything was fine.

I can only assume that somehow the file had become corrupted.

What does it all mean, and is Windows 10 Mobile being phased out?

Things get a bit complicated, but here is what we know so far.

Per individual, it means that women spend seven minutes more per month on a smartphone checking email compared to men. However, for some reason, the value calculated by the formula does not update automatically. We already had the calculation options set to automatic and didn't know why values weren't updating.I am having to click on the formula bar, then I have to click enter for the formula cell to do its thing. F9 and Shift F9 didn't help and left the values the same.Smartphones and tablets can no longer be ingnored by email marketers. Stats say 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device – Litmus ”State of Email” (March 2017) See previous graphs: sept 2012 | march 2013 | june 2013 | august 2013| Jan – Dec ’14 | Jul ’14 – Jun ’15 | Jan ’15 – Nov ’15 | March 15 – March 16 | Jun 15 – Jun 16 Desktop represents 16% of all email opens, webmail 30% and mobile 54%.They represent a massive part all email interactions and revenue. I searched near and far for all (useful) available statistics and compiled the ultimate mobile email statistics overview with insight into the current state of mobile email. – Litmus ”State of Email” (March 2017) 45% of email opens occurred on mobile, 36% on desktop and 19% in a webmail client.

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An early 2010 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) report said that with current growth rates, web access by people on the go — via laptops and smart mobile devices — is likely to exceed web access from desktop computers within the next five years.

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