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Sharepoint itemupdating afterproperties

When dealing with event receivers in Share Point custom code, we use the Before Properties and After Properties to get a hash table of properties consisting of string/value pairs that correspond to fields in the SPItem object before and after the event occurred respectively.Share Point has a built-in infrastructure that allows certain SP objects to raise events that can be handled by custom code.I understand System Update(false) is suppose to do this, however it does not persist the bool value.If I use Update() or System Update(), the value is persisted but it doesn't set the approval status to You shouldn't call system update within your synchroneous event.I am nothing if not a masterful linguist after a beer or two or more.Also, just putting the ctid in as a string tends to get me errors.This is what we have for lists: For both lists and libraries: No value means that column value in the hash table was not available.New value means that the correct value for the column was available.

Before Properties and After Properties are available for the different event receiver classes.To String() , before CType Name = null , after CType Name = null , base CType Name = mapping Handler.Sharepoint Content Type Name; foreach (SPContent Type ct in properties.I’m usually disappointed when writers employ oft-overused metaphors to describe a situation.I should also point out that I know the difference between a metaphor and simile in case that was bothering you from the opening sentence.

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