Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

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Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

The central publisher with remote distributor scenario, as shown in Figure 22.11, is similar to the central publisher scenario and would be used in the same general situations.The major difference in the two is that a second server is used to perform the role of distributor.SQL Server 6.5 only allows read-only copies of data to be replicated.However, with SQL Server 7 updateable copies of data can be replicated.A distribution database tracks the changes (to publications) that need to be replicated (from publishers).A publisher can act as its own distributor, or a remote database server can be used to hold the distribution database.This topic describes the deprecated Replication features that are still available in SQL Server 2012.

The following is a list of the terms used with SQL Server Replication.

Replication is the process whereby data is copied between databases on the same server or different servers connected by LANs, WANs, or the Internet.

Microsoft SQL Server replication uses a publish, distributor and subscribe metaphor.

Microsoft SQL Server support the following replication topologies: Central publisher with remote distributor In this topology distribution database resides on the another server than publisher.

This topology uses for performance reasons when the level of replication activity increases or the server or network resources become constrained.

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Deprecated features should not be used in new applications.