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Super dating awesome site zomg

Prior to working on Bloons, the pair had released Cash Sprint - a successful racing game that incorporated weekly prizes.

After the success of Cash Sprint, they developed their own web portal for flash games, but failed to gain the necessary traffic.

Everything is green green green, except when the sky turns pink for an almost-10-pm sunset. I really want to try these smoked peaches and cream pops. These ones happen to be the richest, creamiest pops I’ve ever made.

They splash in the lake with their little ones, or kick soccer balls or ride bikes. Instead of going the ice cream route for these pops, I used coconut cream and a whole vanilla bean. And since they’re both sweet on their own, no added sugar needed! They won’t have them and you’ll go to two other places and waste nearly an hour before you realize you could just buy a pack of 100 from Amazon in about three minutes flat. If you don’t have whole vanilla beans, you can substitute 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Let’s just skip the part where I comment on how long it has been since my last post. Though, I didn’t actually read it before writing all the words below. Wait, why does the blog post say Date Table, and here I said Calendar Table? I don’t think there has been in serious standardization on the term. Anyway, let’s say I’m lookin’ at some sweet data, and I want to be able to compare this quarter (or month, etc) to the same period… According to the docs, the syntax is SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR( is “a column containing dates”. So I would add a Qtr-Year-Sort that is [Year]*100 [Qtr] so that it sorts in a reasonable way. You would then go add useful calculated columns (like Year, Qtr, etc). from Power Query/M scripts, to Excel workbooks, SQL queries, formulas for calculated columns, etc.

I am updating an old post, cuz I’m crazy like that. There is actually a DAX function for that, called SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR! It’s not going to have a ton of rows, it’s probably going to be related to several fact/data tables (and by having the one dates table, you can filter by Year and have it filter ALL your fact tables by that Year), and adding helpful columns is useful and awesome: Month Name, Month Number, Quarter, Week#, Day Name, etc. it is going to sort in a weird order unless you use the “Sort By” feature of Power BI / Power Pivot. Go to the modeling ribbon, click New Table (see picture at right), and use the magic formula “Dates = CALENDARAUTO( )”… This will scan all your tables for Date columns and create a calendar table that covers all the dates you need. there are 5983 articles on how to create an awesome calendar table via 3525 techniques….

Groups of friends set up volleyball nets in the park, or spread blankets on the grass for a lazy midday picnic. Date shakes are basically just milkshakes made with fresh dates and vanilla ice cream. The dates bring an almost caramel-y flavor to the pop, and and the coconut cream’s lush, rich texture makes you feel like you’re eating the creamiest of ice creams. Don’t be like me and look for popsicle sticks at your local hardware store, though. Date Shake Popsicles You can find cans of coconut cream at Trader Joe’s, otherwise you can put cans of coconut milk in the fridge, to help the milk separate into coconut water and coconut cream (then just scoop out the cream for the popsicles and save the coconut water for another use).

People jog around Greenlake in short shorts, shoes crunching the gravel as they mosey or fly. They’re inspired by the date shake — have you heard of this phenomenon? They’re inexpensive and kind of the most fun (I own this one).

You can always visit the Gaia Markets and buy whatever you want like dresses, appliances, vehicles, decorations for your home etc.

One group practices some kind of “freestyle frisbee” situation, kicking and flipping and ducking and swooping, almost like they’re playing hacky-sack (remember ? Just some vanilla bean seeds for that floral aroma and the visual pop of black on white. Melt the coconut cream in a small saucepan set over medium heat.

), except with a frisbee instead of a little beanbag. My favorite rituals of the season are long walks outside, ice cream from a cone, sunblock that smells like coconuts, long cotton dresses, peach picking, new leather sandals, and, of course, popsicles. Add the dates and scraped vanilla bean and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mixture starts to steam.

Instead they decided to focus on their own games, and launched a website – – with five of their own games.

The site was a success, and this led to their work on Bloons.

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