Symantec endpoint protection manager 12 1 clients not updating dating dark seth christina

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Please refer to Symantec’s documentation for more information.

This document will use the default policies and the default group for the package creation.

It even explains the best way to use a MS-SQL database for large environments.

According to Symantec, an upgrade to version 12.1.5 will take much longer than you expect (sorry).

The fix: release new definition updates, but keep the December 31, 2009 date.

The article covers things like ensuring all SEP clients and SEPMS are running the latest maintenance release, using the Group Update Provider (GUP) for content distribution, and how to ensure out-of-date SEP clients to still get incremental updates.For all other locations, make sure you use the SEP Manager to distribute product software and content updates.Below is an excerpt from the Symantec Antivirus knowledgebase, Symantec antivirus, although it updates the same as before, doesn't recognize a date newer than 2009.However, that won't guarantee any bandwidth for management traffic.We'd like to implement some change at the OS or application level to throttle the traffic without needing some heavyweight Qo S deployment at 100s of offices.

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